CP Admin Colors Superdark

Does this work across the whole admin? I thought there was a lot of stuff involved so that plugins worked well also, and the Customizer (and hence the theme), which is why there was an effort put into the Dark Mode feature plugin.

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It is not a perfect Dark mode, I will be the first to admit that. Especially the editer and customizer are tough nuts to crack. But Superdark is something I want to keep working on to convert more and more pieces. I rolled it out in 0.5.0, and now 0.5.1 with some tweaks, to get people testing. It’s still a beta plugin in its 0th version, so it doesn’t have to be perfect yet. I am continuing to keep improving it however. For now its something that adds at least a start for people who love darker admins.


There are several here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/dark+mode/
Edit: This is an especially smart one, using mix-blend-mode: https://wordpress.org/plugins/darkmode/