CP Admin Colors

Tired of using the default WordPress admin color scheme? None of the alternatives work for you? Want a ClassicPress inspired color scheme for your admin? There is a plugin for that!

I have spend my free time today messing about to make a plugin that adds three new Admin Color Schemes inspired by ClassicPress

This will give a whole fresh look to your dashboard:



Interested? You can download the plugin from github!

Also visit the Github page at https://github.com/klein-the-donkey/cp-admin-colors

Sorry that this sounds like a sales pitch, just wanted to led everyone know this is a posibility. :sweat_smile:


Added to my ClassicPress-specific plugins list. :slight_smile:


I’m just trying out the purple that I like a lot (I actually took that bit of code and added it my personal utility plugin).

The only thing I would tweak is the hover colour on the text links - you have mid purple on dark purple and I don’t find that gives enough contrast.


I agree with all that - loving the purple, but the text links need a tweak.


I’m using Contrast :slight_smile:


I released version 0.4.0 !

I took the advice of @ozfiddler and @invisnet and changed the hover effects on the links in Purple. I also added a whole new Color Scheme for all the lovers of very Bright. I am not one of them, but apperently they exist.


Wow, thats a lot of new releases in the same week… I agree! This will probably the last big update in a while. But I added one more very ambitious color.

ClassicPress Superdark!

I dont know if I should show the upload, or if I should let you guys surprise yourself. Let’s put it in a spoiler.



Does this work across the whole admin? I thought there was a lot of stuff involved so that plugins worked well also, and the Customizer (and hence the theme), which is why there was an effort put into the Dark Mode feature plugin.

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It is not a perfect Dark mode, I will be the first to admit that. Especially the editer and customizer are tough nuts to crack. But Superdark is something I want to keep working on to convert more and more pieces. I rolled it out in 0.5.0, and now 0.5.1 with some tweaks, to get people testing. It’s still a beta plugin in its 0th version, so it doesn’t have to be perfect yet. I am continuing to keep improving it however. For now its something that adds at least a start for people who love darker admins.

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There are several here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/dark+mode/
Edit: This is an especially smart one, using mix-blend-mode: https://wordpress.org/plugins/darkmode/

Good to see these evolving… just be careful not to subject your users to “update fatigue”. :wink: Great job on these from what I can see… go, you!


That is a very real problem Im aware of, haha, I am going to continue to tinker for a while now, the next few updates will only be minor patches. I got all the color schemes I planned when I started in the plugin now. Also, Ill be going to Denmark for a while, so that will mean no updates for at least three weeks haha.


It’s been a while since the last update and the initial burst of activity, huh? But don’t fear, the project is not at all dead. I have made some big changes to Superdark, most notible of which is that the customizer and plugin detail screens are now darkened as well!

Example pictures