CP-compatible WP-Matomo installation

I’ve been using the JS tracking mode for WP-Matomo for my Classicpress sites (I have a self hosted instance of Matomo).
However, I wanted to try out WP-Matomo Integration (WP-Piwik) – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org for a multisite site (network enabled mode). The version data states that the minimum wordpress version is 5.0. What’s the last version of this plugin that will work with CP 1.5?

You do not need the plugin because basically what it does is installing matomo-on-premise for you on your server and setting up the tracking code for you in the tag.

you just need to install matomo in a folder called matomo where your CP is installed (in my case working on a plesk the folder is called htdocs).

I followed this guide to install it manually. At the end it gives you the code to paste in the tag of your site (which you can do using a plugin that allows to paste the header and footer snippets).

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Based on the functions in the latest version of the plugin, it appears only to require WordPress 3.1.0. You should be OK installing and using it in ClassicPress. Do let us know if you run into any issues.