CP inserting empty DIV tags at end of posts

i just want to see if someone can quickly reproduce before i start troubleshooting

Current behavior

CP is inserting and empty DIV tag pair(s) at the end of every post

Steps to reproduce

  1. start a new empty post in TinyMCE (no title needed)
  2. type a letter in the content area
  3. switch to code ed., back to visual ed., then back to code ed. - an empty DIV tag pair is inserted at the end of the post

at times i’ve seen several of these DIV pairs at the end of a post

i don’t recall WP doing this, but i could be wrong


I can’t reproduce this on my site.

I have been doing a lot of switching between visual and text modes lately and have never seen this problem.


great, thanks - no need for anyone else to mess with this then - i’ll have to troubleshoot and see what’s up


Sounds like it may be an issue with your theme. You could try switching to a different theme temporarily (e.g. classicpress-twentyseventeen) to see if this issue persists.

Use the Health Check plugin in Troubleshoot mode. It disables the plugins for your user only, so you can isolate the cause.

I guess a browser extension interfering with rich text editing is another possibility.


and the winner is…

that was the easiest to troubleshoot and also, i thought, the least likely to cause a problem - the Firefox extension causing this is Translate Web Pages


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