CPanel / ServerPilot and Others

One of the issues I face as a developer with clients is I use CPanel, ServerPilot and other systems to help manage the updates of servers, workflows etc.

They are tied to Wordpress. I’m sure I can upload ClassicPress to them and do things manually but to really get some traction CP needs to really look at those relationships and develop ties to places like GoDaddy, Digital Ocean as well as control panel providers.

Do you have documentation re installing in these larger panels or do you need documentation? I might be able to help. What is the plan going forward to build relationships with major panel providerrs nad ISPs that deploy via scripts etc.



This is something we understand we need in order to reach a larger audience. We have had some testing the Beta in their software to ensure everything runs smoothly (which the reported back it does). It seems though a lot of them are waiting for V1 to support anything (which is understandable).

It would be great if you could provide some documentation, we can include it on our docs site for others that are interested :slight_smile:

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We’ve started reaching out to panel products and hosting providers. The more people who do this, the better, especially active users of the products. So please feel free to do the same!

Yes please, this would be an excellent next step!

I’ll start reaching out and see where I get to.

First step will be API’s in CPanel and see if it can be done. I’m a bit time poor but will try to get stuff to you.