Create an Admin Settings page w/icons grouped by category

WordPress’s admin console is a rat’s nest of complexity, especially when lots of plugins are added.

A while back I was reading where they showed a screenshot of CraftCMS’ settings page and I feel in love with it. I thought "Wouldn’t it be great if WordPress’ dashboard (or settings page) could be reconfigured to use categorized icons for core features and features added by plugins rather than the bloated wild-wild-west of the WordPress admin menus?

I could envision plugins that don’t specify an icon or a category could get listed at the bottom or we could maintain a JSON file on GitHub with categorization for well-know plugins, and then also allow plugins to actively register their own icons and categories if they wanted to explicitly support ClassicPress.

Anyway, posting here hoping that others will get excited about the same.

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Author: Mike Schinkel

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Status: open


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