Dashicons, FontAwesome, or Custom Icons?

WordPress has built-in dashicon icons. What might be the right direction for CP?

  • Do we stick with dashicons as is?
  • Do we design custom icons but keep the names for compatibility?
  • Do we switch to FontAwesome?
  • Do we design completely custom icons to replace dashicons (classicons)?

Personally, I think FontAwesome integration would be best option - making FontAwesome one of the included libraries for other themes/plugins to enqueue. Many themes/plugins enqueue their own FontAwesome already, this would eliminate the need for additional libraries and icons.

Just wanted to find out what others think, before posting something in petitions. This is for later versions, but I’m curious to see what others think. Maybe this would be part of a greater effort to give CP it’s own UI.


There already is a petition about icons, with some feedback there: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/81/replace-dashicons-with-material-icons


Thanks. Now I feel silly. I thought I read all petitions, but I don’t remember this one :expressionless:

No problem! I think the petitions site is difficult to navigate because they don’t all show up at once. You have to keep asking to “View More”, and that gets really annoying. The only reason I knew it was there was because I started it!

@wadestriebel Is there a way to make it easier to navigate the petitions site? This forums site is a model of how to make things easy to find.


I can answer that… we don’t have direct control over the petitions site since it’s currently hosted with https://getfider.com/.

I wrote a user script to make it easier to keep up with the notifications on the petitions site. Maybe some other tweaks like automatically clicking the “View More” links could be built in there too.

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I hope CP isn’t paying for it. Why not use Discourse forum with petitions category? This might be a discussion for meta category.