Difference in PayPal payment gateways

Currently WooCommerce has an in-built PayPal gateway, but they also offer various PayPal plugins. Classic Commerce will include the in-built option, but for now will have to rely on the WooCommerce plugins for any “extras”.

I’m trying to work out when, or if, I might need these extras.

It looks like the PayPal Checkout Plugin is similar to the in-built version, except it adds PayPal’s “smart buttons” to the site, which allow your customers to purchase directly from the product or cart page, instead of just the checkout page.

But there’s also PayPal Pro, and PayPal Advanced, and Paypal HERE, and so on.

What are people using, and is it necessary or useful?

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I’ve got to admit, I’m usually a bit overwhelmed about the “diversity” of the available PayPal gateways, as in: I don’t really understand which one is offering what feature.

Thus I cannot really pinpoint which one is better, too.

cu, w0lf.


It certainly is confusing. You get offered these thing in the setup wizard without much explanation. I have just been looking at a small e-commerce site I set up a year ago. I’d installed the WC PayPal Checkout plugin, but I’ve only now realised that I never even used it! I’m taking payments with the in-built gateway.

Perfect candidate for switching to Classic Commerce. :wink:

I might do some research and try and work out what all the features are for the various offerings.

And, by the way, the Classic Commerce setup wizard does explain about the in-built Paypal option and should make this clearer.

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Good luck with that :slightly_smiling_face:

PayPal is one of the worst things to work with in my experience. Their range of services is confusing but what makes it worse is that they have different services in different countries.

I set up a site using PayPal Pro Hosted but this is only available in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Spain and UK. It seems to be increasingly popular with businesses and you do need a PayPal Business Account. But you have to use this plugin at $99 a year. I’m not sure what the equivalent is in other countries.

I’ve always found this guy to be a useful source of info (and software):

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Agreed. When I started using Stripe I couldn’t believe how clear and simple it all was.


Somebody has to do this, I guess :joy: