Different core files CP 1.2

Hi, I just have a question:

I’m using Shield as security plugin and shield reported modified core files in the last scan.
So I downloaded some files to compare them with the original core files, which I downloaded from CP get-classicpress page on classicpress.net.
While comparing I saw that for example the files wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php are not matching.
So I went to backend and just said “Install again”. Than I downloaded the file from my installation again and compared it with the original. Same issue.
In class-pclzip.php (ClassicPress-release-1.2.0 from cp.net) in line 5325 ‘function privDisableMagicQuotes’ I see a commented section.
In class-pcizip.php (form my installation) in line 5325 ‘function privDisableMagicQuotes’ I see no comments.

Can anybody tell me where this comes from and how to handle it?