Directory Feedback


  1. Login/out is OK
  2. Will we still need the “Submit a Plugin” link up top?
  3. Button widths are inconsistent


  1. “Create Developer Profile” link showing (even though I’m already on a dev profile)
  2. “Developer Profiles” label – I’m guessing it’s a list label for that section? Would “Connected Profiles” be clearer? The current verbiage makes it seem like something to click.

Developer Details

  1. When editing the Developer Information section, it auto-publishes whether you’re done or not. I’d remove the auto-save everywhere it is used…or, better, switch it to auto-draft instead.
  2. Details seem to save as expected.

Plugin Listing

  1. Needs an “Edit” button to manage the plugin
  2. Can the “Repo URL” label be changed to “Plugin URL”. Directing “lay” users to GitHub is problematic.
  3. Plugin description text width is capped, leaving a lot of empty space at the right.
  4. If a plugin description is too long, it will push everything else off the fold.
  5. Don’t need full URLs in this display; text links will clean up the display.
  6. Validation missing on URL fields

New Plugin

  1. Plugin “saved” but did not “publish” to the directory.
  2. After saving, user is directed back to the management page where the word “Published” is displayed next to the username; this is confusing as it makes one think the plugin is published. I’m guessing that the Published label is referring to the dev account, but, it’s not clear.
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You can create multiple profiles, but I think we should move it below the “Developer Profiles” section.

Agreed, the wording is confusing, makes it sound like its a page :+1:

It currently is an “auto-draft”, it shouldn’t publish until you click “update” - might make sense to add a banner saying as much :+1:

“Manage Plugin” is the “edit” but maybe “edit” makes more sense?


Ya, I will need to look at that - really that should be like “selling points” and we should have a longer form description pulled from the plugin. But for now we should make it fit the width at the very least.


Should add a banner saying it will be reviewed before being published.

Agreed, maybe need to tweak the wording :+1:

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