Discussion re vote of Slogan Change

This thread is the discussion thread for the Change Slogan of ClassicPress vote currently happening.

Please cast your vote.

Full agreement here - excellent idea. I’ve come to think of CP as lean&mean compared to bloated WP, and I certainly find it easier to get good performance out of it without resorting to caching.

Mod note: moved to discussion thread as reply was posted prior to moving vote thread.


I was unable to vote on the poll in the other thread.


This is a very good idea, though I hope that someday we can truly say that ClassicPress is more secured than WordPress.

I would vote yes, but I can’t. Same reason as above.

@Code_Potent @arjayarana thanks for letting us know. It seems that what Discourse recommends for disabling replies on a post doesn’t seem to work. I will ping you both once we figure this out. Thanks again.

Moved out, voting should be okay now. We will come up with a better solution, sorry :sweat:

Agreed! And oh, btw good article :wink:

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BTW our our feather logo gives us a nice playground here too… feather-light :blush:

It gives us a nice chance to play with it both because people wrote with a feather before Gutenberg came along but also because it’s so light.