Do we want

I registered this years ago for some unknown reason. It is coming up for renewal. I’m happy to keep it going (it’s only A$9.50 p.a.) if people think it worth hanging on to.

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There is a problem I raised a while back (I think it was in a private slack chat to @timkaye)
In australia there is a firm called ClassicPress

So, no, I wouldn’t keep that domain. But also I’d like to take the chance again to ask @timkaye what he thinks about this in legal terms

We might sooner or later enter in a conflict here, right? Specially since we did not register our brand, and sooner later, probably once ClassicPress is known widely enough, some smart*** will try to make some money by trialling the name?

Not sure about this. But we should probably be careful in registering websites that are basically “in their country”
(PS: that Australian ClassicPress firm does not seem very professional yet, their browser tag is till “Home | Mysite” for example, but one never knows. Businesses grow, and with it, their legal actions)

The problem is that trademarks are not like copyright. If someone infringes on a trademark we registered, we’d have to take enforcement action every time or we’d lose the trademark.

Some jurisdictions (primarily English-speaking) recognize unregistered trademarks if we can show that ClassicPress is well understood to mean us, but (a) we’re not there yet, (b) it’s very jurisdiction-specific, and (c) it doesn’t call for any action from us anyway.

So I’d let the domain expire unless you have a use for it.