Don't show Tools menu if empty

Can be empty for certain roles, don’t show it then.

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Author: Dora D.

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Status: open


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I think - if then this is actually happening the way I understand it to happen as by the limited description provided - this is would be more of a bug or UI issue and we shouldn’t vote on such things, I think.

I say bug or UI issue because if a role A has no access to content of menu B then menu B shouldn’t be shown to that role at all.
This is just part of a good access and caps control.

If some tools might be accessible to the role A, but are for whatever reason not installed, then there is no reason to hide said menu B if empty, because obviously they would need said menu to at least know they could add a tool, or else.

Also, hiding a menu based on its content might be a bit performance intensive and not the best way to decide what to show and what not. Just because a page is empty does not mean it has to be hidden. If there are no plugins anymore in the WP Repo, the plugins > add new page still would show. Silly, but comparable example.


Should we close this now?

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