Empty widget area

Widget area should be empty. No one likes to delete it at start, everyone knows widgets as well, so example is not needed. Optionally search widget could be saved.

This is a fresh installation of ClassicPress with TwentySeventeen child theme active.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/144/empty-widget-area

Author: Dominiq

Vote count: 9

Status: open


This petition is not for core. Widget areas are specific to themes. So there is nothing actionable here. I suggest closure.

For a theme, it is actually very difficult to make default widgets. I’ve tried! (without calling the function that is called when the user chooses a widget)
The theme can check whether the widget area is empty and choose what to do in that case. Many choose to put a search widget. I’ve asked many a theme author to hide their sidebar when it’s empty, and to state in its description what happens when it’s empty.


As stated above, not something the core can do.


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Maybe I’m misunderstanding the petition, but for me it’s about not creating example widgets that core sets up at installation.

I think you’ve understood, this is about not adding the login, recent comments and other widgets on install.

@azurecurve @Simone is this something we should do? Should we reopen petition?

I don’t think I’ve ever used a site with the default widgets. I guess the question then becomes, how useful is having them loaded by default in a new site for people new to creating sites with CP?

I think it’s an easy fix so we can leave it opened so someone maybe can make a PR.

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I’ve re-opened the petition and added a screenshot for clarification.

That screenshot reinforces the original interpretation of the petition as being a theme issue.
I’ve tried, but it’s quite a stretch to interpret this petition as complaining about the default values of widgets that is stored in the database, which is what Simone is saying. That would be a different petition.