Encourage development of an official ClassicPress Secretary

And @BlueSkyPhoenix for whoever is Secretary I personally like something like Kanbanflow.com. Trello works fine for others, but some way to better structure workflow so one person can keep on top of who’s doing what, and in what teams, with what projected deadlines, and so forth. That could also work with a CP “road map” and other dates and marketing plan tier development. Just some thoughts.

Thanks for the votes of confidence in this thread and the other one.

Right now there are two things preventing me from participating at a technical level in the physical setting up of a CP plugin repo:

  1. Time (my wife and I are on the final countdown of emigrating from Europe to Philippines in late Jan 2019 and there’s a lot still to do)
  2. My GIT knowledge is rudimentary at the moment (I’m old school SVN lol)

What I can do (and would be happy to) is contribute to discussions about the repo at a higher level (higher than GIT coding/hosting details) - I’m 51 with a 30 year IT career including 10 years in WP dev and consultancy so hopefully I have a few perspectives to offer.


@zigpress Just my two cents, that situation regarding GIT happens to several programmers that for several reasons didn’t used GIT in their organizations/work.

Only practice gets that better, try with a small change and if you have any doubts on how to start we can help you.

I already learned a couple of cool things in GIT with people with more experience in the ClassicPress project, so go for it. :facepunch:


Fully agree with @rui here! I have learned so much more about GIT since I have become part of ClassicPress! Going for it is definitely the best way to learn! That and asking questions :slight_smile:

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At the moment, I’m only interested in monetization and marketing.

TBH, I’d rather get things organized (dependencies, structure, roles, plan, etc), have a call to knock everything out (rather than typing back/forth with explanations, etc), and execute on what needs to get done.

Edit: Just going to help fulfill current marketing needs for now.

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Starting tomorrow I should have some time to look at repository issues. I have no experience with Git,but we should be able to start drawing up possible rules and such like.

I’ll co-ordinate with @zigpress and @Code_Potent and see what we can come up with.


Started a Development Focused Thread here: ClassicPress Plugin Directory (Development)