Error Notice - To Twitter

Sorry, I moved this post from the plugin page to the support page.

Notice : Undefined variable: options in /home/user/web/ on line 220

Got this notice, $options not set initially I guess, Just wanted to report the issue.

Okay, I have gotten some similar issue,

Notice : Undefined offset: 195 in /home/user/web/ on line 74

Notice : Undefined offset: 193 in /home/user/web/ on line 74

Checking if the values aren’t set initially solved the issue, but you know way better than me, so, just reporting :wink:

I’ve deleted my settings, but not seeing any errors. What were you doing when you got them?

Nothing, I got those error upon activating the plugin.

Had the same notices as Horlaes.
No options are set on activation.
azrcrv_tt_set_default_options never get called.

Here $options is not loaded in the function.

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Yeah, I realised earlier I wasn’t setting default options and have started adding that in. I didn’t get any errors on activation though.

This will probably be because you already had the options set in your local install…which may conversely mean it didn’t delete the options on uninstall. If you add (the new) defaults to the activation method, you should be good to go.

No, I renamed all my options so they weren’t what the script was looking for.

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Okay, I’ve released a 1.4.1 which sets default options.

I also fixed the add meta box function.