FAQ: What will be new/different in ClassicPress V1?

I don’t foresee any issues with including it. WordPress instead used “silence is golden” index files for this…which, to me, is backward, but there was an effort, at least.

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All I can report on events is that I have 3 groups on meetup.com. Two are WordPress themed and both promote CP use. If there is a informative op-ed or blog post I can copy and paste, I’d happily take it and add it to my group pages and send it out to members.


The “silence is golden” index files are still necessary because we cannot rely on .htaccess alone. It won’t work for all ClassicPress installs (those that use nginx, or that have the relevant .htaccess directives blocked at the server level).

James, I respect and value what you said, but must admit to not understanding it totally. I know what the htaccess file is, but very honestly, that’s it for now.

@voltaire, if you look into the various (some, not all) directories of the installation, you’ll find index.php files that, when opened, reveal only the following:

// Silence is golden.

What this does is serve up a “blank” page when someone visits the given directory, instead of exposing the filenames. This is a cross-platform method of preventing directory listing. It doesn’t matter if your site is running on an Apache server, a LightSpeed server, an nginx (pronounced “engine x”) server…or whatever kind of server - the “silence is golden” files (as we call them) do the trick.