Feature candidates for inclusion in the core - feedback wanted

there’s a lot of functionality missing from the WP core that i personally think should be included and i’d like to propose some of these items for inclusion in the CP core

before potentially opening a petition(s), i’d like to see what others think…

  1. comment reply email notification - per-post/page email notifications for new comments and notification only for replies to ones comment(s)

  2. new content email notifications where people can subscribe to be notified of new content globally, per-topic or per-page/post

  3. database maintenance - auto-moping, compacting, etc. of leftovers in the database, such as when a (poorly coded) plugin is removed

  4. hyperlink maintenance where admins can be notified of broken or re-directed links (like the Broken Link Checker plug for WP)

  5. better media library organization, such as ability to organize media in user defined folders

  6. basic form builder, such as for contact forms, with challenge-response (no reliance on google/3rd parties)

  7. drag-&-drop page ordering (@ /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page)

  8. basic dashboard traffic statistics, like Statify

  9. database search and replace for posts/pages, with RegEx support

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Interesting ideas. If you want to get something new in (or something out of) ClassicPress, the first step is to create a petition. Note that you’ll need to create a petition for each item so it’s clear what people are voting for. The reason for creating the petitions (instead of a forum discussion) is so the conversation stays together in one place.

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right, i realize that - i just wanted to see if any of these items were worth a petition, especially since i’m new here :slight_smile:

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

There are no bad ideas – every item is worth a petition. The way to find out if something is worth a petition is to create the petition. :wink: Really, keeping the discussion in one place is the best course of action.

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okie-dokie - lock this if you like and i’ll see about creating petitions for these items :slight_smile:


Welcome @classyMan.

Just wanted to note a couple of things:

  • Some of these items already have petitions, I suggest looking through the petitions site before creating new ones. Improved Media Library is a good example.
  • Some of these petitions have wide community interest but so far have been lacking a developer to implement them. The focus of our main developers is currently getting the plugin and theme directory launched, then making some of the core features optional. It’s pretty clear that this is the general direction of community interest so far.

Test/example implementations of any petition (especially the more popular ones, but really any of them) are welcome. Currently we use the https://github.com/ClassicPress-research organization for this, and already a couple of plugins have evolved from “research” into officially supported plugins (Classic Commerce and Classic SEO, so far). If this arrangement interests you or anyone reading this, get in touch with me or @1stepforward and we’ll get you set up with a repository for a research plugin on GitHub.

I’ve re-opened this thread and set it to close automatically in a few days, the general answer of “create a petition” is correct but I wanted to make those clarifications.


hi James - i already created the petitions and i did search to make sure i wasn’t duplicating anything - i know the image library thing was one of them that i didn’t add


I wanted to say that I think most of those belong in plugins. And if you want them in core, there are already plugins for most of them, which you could use as a base for core.


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