Fighting with JS code for a theme port

I gat to move as soon as possible before Mr. Gutenberg catch me, thou I am not fully done with the theme I wanna port, I am currently fighting with a Js code for about 3 days now; getting fed up :slightly_frowning_face:


I have moved this reply to the theme forum, if you post your exact problems, maybe someone around here can help you!

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Thanks so much, I was doubting my self at first, I don’t want to abuse the forum with questions, thanks, I’ll do that now :grinning:

Should I create a new topic?


You can reply as linked topic like this:


So, what are your exact issues?
What is the exact aim of your theme - is it a custom one, a pre-existing one which is customized, or a child theme to a pre-existing one?

Are you trying to eg.

  • include current jQuery versions
  • use uncommon JS code
  • include complex JS solutions which require specific resources


cu, w0lf.

They made a new post with specifics here: How do I resize an app generated from Javascript

I am closing this topic to avoid further confusion.