Fix custom post status bug (#12706)

WordPress has some bugs associated with custom post statuses. It’s been in trac for over 10 years.

With CP’s business focus, it can be a viable CMS for publishers. Publishers have different workflows for publishing articles/stories. EditFlow plugin introduced a feature to customize post statuses to give publishers a way to move posts through their workflows.

It would be a great differentiator for CP to fix annoying bugs that WP doesn’t consider important.

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Author: Viktor Nagornyy

Vote count: 6

Status: open


I submitted this petition back in the day. So I’m voting again for it. This is a necessary bug fix that would help ClassicPress be a better CMS to cater to various publishing workflows. If you voted for this petition in the past, please do vote again now.

I don’t understand much the issue, but this seems important, and so i voted yes. Besides, I plan to use a custom post type myself…

btw, are the number of votes being limited now? I only have 10, minus this one

For now yes. You can remove past votes and add them somewhere else. Once the petition is closed, you will get your votes back. Also, once you reach level 3 you’ll get 20 total votes.

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This petition will be closed. You can monitor its progress on GitHub:

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