Fixing author workflow

Have you ever had a published set of Pages, and you have a team with author roles that is making some changes? As soon as an author submits a change, the page is put into Draft status until the change is approved. This means the old content disappears from your site.
This happens a lot in the docs team at WP. You don’t want to give everyone the capability to Publish, but you want the old content to still be available until the new is reviewed.

So, what if CP fixed this little problem? There are already revisions, which are copies of the original. Why isn’t that revision the one that gets the Draft status (instead of auto-draft), keeping the parent ID. Perhaps a meta value to indicate the difference between this new state and a normal child Page or draft Post?
How can this be solved?


I think this needs a petition.
I can see many places where this fix would be a godsend.
I am totally voting for that if you write a petition…


Totally agree this needs a petition, I would vote for it, if it of course possible to implement.


Wise. I’d vote, too.

We’d need someone to help who is really familiar with the revisions and auto-draft systems. This is definitely not a part of the code I want to touch without being very sure of what we are doing.

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Yes - exactly that. I looked into it a few years back and decided that there were better ways of solving the problem I’d been asked to deal with. I like the idea, but it’s a really big can of worms.