Follow up on Next Steps

Following the Next Steps for ClassicPress announcement we have received 2 proposals from the community.

As per the announcement, it was always our intention to see the ClassicPress Initiative remain in place to provide as a funding organization for the project, in addition to acting as the legal entity to provide some risk protection for core contributors.

We are advising the community that one of the proposals received does indeed aim to maintain the ClassicPress Initiative. As such, we will begin moving forward with this proposal, and will ask that the proposal be made public to the community by July 1st.

During this time, Michelle and I will move to organize the board to formally accept the new board of directors as outlined by our by-laws. Following this, we will resign our positions.

We thank the community for the 4 years we have been a part of ClassicPress, and are excited about the future of ClassicPress under new governance.


@wadestriebel can you be more clear on who are the proponents who got their proposal approved?

Since all this negotiation happened (as usual) behind closed doors, I think it would be fair to share that with the community.

You have to wait and see, like in any autocracy. He said July 1st.

Wishing CP all the best!

New directors will be @viktor, @timkaye and @williampatton.


It was never a secret, but I am giving them time to finalize everything on their end before a formal announcement. I understand you are frustrated we did not go forward with your proposal, and I hope you stick around until their announcement to see the transparency coming to CP. As mentioned in PMs, I look forward to the next chapter for ClassicPress under the new leadership, and hope that next chapter includes you and Beda in some form.

Edit: I edited my original reply as I am having a tough day with family matters and it did not reflect my true feelings and came off sassier than intended. The original reply is still available under the edit icon to the top right of this reply.

Autocracy is one person with absolute power, there’s two directors. Will be 3 new soon. We don’t want to repeat history and be at this point again in a year or two. Changes need to be made. We don’t want complete control over every aspect of the project, that’s what the community is for as long as community members are willing to participate and get work done.

We’ve had committees with elected members, we had team leads, and we ended up here because they failed to work, people failed to do the work they said they would, and disappeared. We reached this point after gruelling 4 years, including pandemic.

If we do the same thing again, we will end up with the same results. Nobody wants that. We want CP to succeed, so we need to make changes with community’s support and input. We don’t want to do it alone, we need community’s support. It’s a community project.


Hope it gets resolved. All the very best of wishes, stay cool!

Yeah let’s see. Time will tell :slight_smile:

And we thank you both for giving us the much needed option of a block free CMS. Your efforts over such a long period in critical roles is testament to your commitment.

Yes, many things were tried to keep things progressing, but very few worked.

I’m sure we can all appreciate that it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

With the challenges facing us as compatibility between WP and CP ever widens, success of CP will need some major work.

Hopefully, people with the skills to do that will pitch in and it won’t be left to the directors to have to do everything.

There is plenty of opportunity for clever community members to help, despite their disagreement with having a formal ClassicPress Initiative.

This is an open-source project and people dedicate their time and expertise; not for money, fame or glory, but because they truly want to see a CMS that provides what users actually want.


The reason that @wadestriebel asked for a little more time is one you actually know about, @alvarofranz. It’s got nothing to do with autocracy, as @viktor has already pointed out. It’s simply that these changes have been taking place while I’ve been on vacation, with limited ability to access what’s been going on. So they’ve just been allowing me time to catch up fully.

Similarly, nothing was agreed “behind closed doors”. Then-current directors of the CPI said they would be resigning, and asked for volunteers to take over from them. Some people volunteered, and so got the gig. That’s about as open as you can get.

Going forward, it would be nice to see those in the ClassicPress stop presuming the worst. If something hasn’t immediately worked out the way you hoped it would, it usually just means that life has got in the way.


Love it! Inspirational.

Yeah I agree the term I have used is not appropriate.

Intention is the only thing that really counts, and it seems to be clean and clear for the chosen directors, all cool then.


For anyone following this discussion, the plan has been published: