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I’m not sure if this is the right topic for this query
I received the following warning message from the Google search console
“Duplicate not selected as canonical by user”
And this example is listed there
Did any of you have such a problem and how to solve it.
My website

This is a generic guide that you can read to identify the issue.

In short, google is not indexing correctly your pages.

The guide is relative to rankmath SEO plugin but being the same issue, you can understand what’s going on better because they explain how to find the issue inside the google search console dashboard.

Then you can perform steps to correct the issue working with your SEO plugin (you are not mentioning what plugin are you using for SEO, so I can’t point you to a guide relative to that specific one).

EDITED TO ADD: ClassicSEO which is the plugin made for CP to handle SEO is a fork of the Rankmath SEO plugin so basically in case you are using the ClassicSEO plugin the guide is relevant to it also because they work the same way.

Google shouldn’t be indexing any TXT files. I would recommend adding the following to your robots.txt file, which should be in your root folder public_html:

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*.txt$

This will disallow Google from indexing any TXT files.

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Thanks for the suggestion
This is the content of robots.txt
Is there anything else that needs to be added or taken away?

That robots.txt should be sufficient now. One thing to consider is removing Googlebot, so the first line is:
User-agent: *.

This will apply everything to all search engines, not just Google.

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