GS Logo Slider Not Working

This particular plugin does not work upon updating. So if you use Divi with ClassicPress and update it, you may go to white screen, as I did. Once the plugin was deactivated, it came back up right away. This has already been reported multiple times by others using the plugin and mentioning it on the repository page. Just FYI.

Was this after updating to Beta2?

Was it working okay with Beta1?

If I remember correctly, I think it went to white screen after I updated the plugin…and I always update plugins individually before updating any CMS or theme. First plugins, then themes (if at all), then CMS. So I do not think it’s related to CP directly.

Okay, we will leave this topic open though just in case anyone else has issues :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure I had Beta 1 installed, since I had to update earlier today. Then once I updated that plugin, it went to white screen. After I restored the site and removed the plugin, I then updated CP and it was all fine. So my guess something wrong with the plugin’s updated version more than anything coming from CP. I have put it out on the plugin repository page. So, it’s one plugin I wouldn’t use, but I don’t think it has anything to do with CP.

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