Hosting and options for premium plugins

Experienced users know, that if they want the best, in many cases, they have to pay.

Agree 100%. But I see a very simple UI for that: the free directory checked by default, plus you can check/uncheck “Freemium” and “Paid” checkmarks, so it is your choice where to search a plugin: in one directory or all of them. Very simple, very intuitive, both for users and developers.

For more convenience, there can be subdirectories “One-time payments” and “Subscriptions” in “Freemium” and “Paid”, because many users have no problem of one-time payment, but are cautious with subscriptions.


This was also one of my worries - what point it becomes a product (purchase) and when it becomes a service (subscription). It may indeed be sufficient to simply provide the checkbox filters suggested :slight_smile: