How did I get clessic press on my site?

I just found out I have classic press on my site. I thought I had wordpress, so i don’t know how that happened. Can anyone explain what classic press is? I may need to convert my site to wordpress. Thanks. I don’t know whether changing my site to wordpress will mess everything up. Can anyone help?

Who built your site? If it’s working fine, why would you want to risk changing things?

ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress, meaning it works the same way that WordPress does except that it works the "classic"does way, i.e. without using blocks. ClassicPress is quite a bit faster too!

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Hi Tim, thanks for the reply.
I built my site.
I don’t know how or why classic press was used.
I had never heard of it until I started having problems with it last year.
Those problems were fixed.
Can you explain more what you mean by Classic Press working the same as Wordpress without using blocks? What’s a block?
My site has a shop and a blog, so would there be any reason I need to change from Classic Press now before my business takes off? Now is the time for me to educate myself.

I appreciate your help.

Hi @scott1

ClassicPress is a fork of WP 4.9. This means it works like WP before the gutenber editor (called also block editor).
The block editor is an editor where you select and customize blocks of content and many people do not like it and migrate to ClassicPress to avoid it.

You can have a ClassicPress site either by installing it, or migrating to it from WP, you can see if you migrated because to do this you use a plugin and there’s a chance you did not delete it after the procedure.

If you are having issues with something not working with your site it could mean that some of the plugins or the theme do not work anymore with WP 4.9.

We can help with that if you explain to us what problem are you encountering.

At the moment a new version of ClassicPress is in the works, based on the codebase of WP 6, this is also going to help solve problems because the plugins that now might not work because they require WP 5 when we have a WP-6-based CP will likely work again.

I suppose that since you state you have a shop you are using WooCommerce, ClassicPress has a fork of it called ClassicCommerce that works the same way as WooCommerce was before the block editor and retains all the security fixes.

to answer your question, you do not need to migrate back to WP, and if you encouter problems we can help you with ClassicPress. There is no difference in how it works compared to WP 4.9 and if you were using WP 4.9 and you liked the Classic Editor you can keep ClassicPress.

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Thank you for explaining that to me. I appreciate it. That sounds great. Yes, I have Woo Commerce. The problem this morning that started my inquirey was that I received notification on my site health in Wordpress that I needed to sort out my caching. I can’t remember the term, but it was something like ‘constant cache’ that I needed through my host. They said they couldn’t help me, but it’s in regards to load speed for my site/pages.
Can you recommend any steps I can take to fix the load speed?
Also, can you give me an estimate for when the next Classic Press version will be out? Thanks


First of all, you can install ClassicCommerce instead of WooCommerce. I recommend you install these two plugins:

Compat Plugin (used to allow WooCommerce extension to work with ClassicCommerce)

You need to deactivate the WooCommerce and related extension, install ClassicCommerce and activate it and activate the extension. Then remove WooCommerce. ClassicCommerce will just see all your WooCommerce products right away.

The strange thing is that you can’t install WooCommerce in ClassicPress because it throws fatal errors so you might still be using a very outdated version of it, And ClassicPress does not have the site health feature yet.

If you provide me with a link to your site I might be able to understand which of the two you have.

The cache error was a “persistent cache” warning. It’s advice that the site health gives you, not an error. It is an advanced configuration that one can do on their server, but it’s not something that shared hosting can apply.

You can check your site speed using GTMetrix, it creates a report telling you what you can improve and how and the speed of your site at the moment of testing together with other parameters.

As concerns the ETA (expected time of arrival) for CP v2 based on WP 6, we need to ask @viktor and @MattyRob that are working on that being two of our core contributors.

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Thank you! Great reply.
Appreciated once again.

I’ll look into this over this coming week.
My site is

I’ll be curious what you find.
If I delete Woo Commerce and install your Classic Commerce plugin, will i need to relist all of my listings? I have many sizes and colors of most of my listings, so I don’t want to need to lose all the work I’ve put into creating those listings. You can see some of my products on my site. Thanks

You are running WP 6.2 (with the plugin Classic Editor enabled to publish content without using blocks).

This explains why you have the site health feature that CP doesn’t have just yet.

This can be seen inspecting the page source code and searching for

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 6.2" />

Consider that in the future the Classic Editor plugin that you are using to avoid the block editor now will be deprecated and you will have to use blocks anyway at that point.

My advice here is to educate yourself on blocks and decide if it is worth using them or not.

If not, you can migrate to CP (since things will mainly work as intended especially when we will have the CP v2 based on WP 6).

You can find all information about ClassicPress here and ask any question you might have here in the forums. We are here to help you every step of the way if you decide to migrate to CP.

In case you migrate to CP, to switch WooCommerce with ClassicCommerce follow this steps:

  • Deactivate WooCommerce, without deleting it.
  • Install ClassicCommerce and its compat plugin and activate them. ClassicCommerce will now detect your listings and settings from WooCommerce.
  • Delete WooCommerce after checking all functionalities and listings are fine.

The only thing you will need to check is if the theme you are using is compatible with CP (any theme that works with WP 4.9 should work fine).


Thank you Elisabetta, I have taken your advice on board.
Kindly appreciated,
Scott McKernan

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