How Many ClassicPress Installs? 2021

Hi there Everyone!
I see some other posts about how many ClassicPress installs there have been (2019), but what is happening now? I see some statistics online, but not sure how current they are. Can anyone tell me how the platform is doing?


Good question, we don’t have an automated way to check that at the moment (last I recall) so @james will have to pull stats when he has a chance :slight_smile:

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I just switched 5 sites to ClassicPress and they are working well. But I notice BuiltWith still thinks they are Wordpress, so I don’t think their stats are accurate.


I, too, would like to see an accounting of where we’re at with installations.

It took BuiltWith months to finally “find” my site…and it’s still listed as WP and CP for the platform, so, it’s probably counted twice. On the other hand, a site like (which solely uses the meta generator tag, same as my site does,) is listed as PHP and Schema org for the platform, even though BuiltWith also lists that same site as in the top 1,000,000 for ClassicPress installations.

Overall, I think a dartboard would produce just as accurate results as BuiltWith. :wink:


Yes, the BuiltWith stats for ClassicPress are not very meaningful. Anything that’s not a widely used platform or technology is going to suffer from sampling error and therefore not be useful for much other than “this exists and BuiltWith tries to check for it.”

We have the data needed to calculate number of active sites but it’s not a trivial calculation. Until we reach that point in our backlog of infrastructure tasks, I can give a very rough estimate of more than 1,000 and less than 50,000 active sites.