How many CP installs?

I said three at least. I use a lightbox plugin, a masonry plugin and one to categorize the individual images ( by subject or post etc) in order to locate easier on which gallery post or page I attached my images.

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I totally understand the reservations about moving client sites. My clients trust me because they are not tech-savvy in the least and they are counting on me to discern what will be best for them. If CP were to disappear, my reputation and my business would disappear as well. This is one of the reasons why I’m so invested in the project. My livelihood depends on it.

We have accomplished so much over the last year! IMO, this bodes well for our future. Sure, we are all volunteers, but we are deeply passionate and committed to making this a success. As more people in the community add their own contributions, we will grow even stronger.

Now that we’re nearing the 1 year mark I have been talking with my clients and slowly making the jump from WP 4.9.10 to CP with each one, as they become comfortable with the idea. Once we get an eCommerce solution in place, I’ll be able to move those sites too. When all is said & done, I’ll have 50+ sites on CP.