How to become a voting member?

The part on democracy says anyone can be one, and I like the idea. Feels reassuring after the WordPress experience. But it doesn’t say how to be one. Maybe a link inserted there to register will help? Or if there is an email process or something else… level of interaction/contribution/trust…? Some instructions.


At this time, there is the Petitions website where you can post ideas and vote on ideas others have submitted. I think there is some exploration of connecting it here to the forum somehow, but I’m not sure if/when that will happen.


Ah! ok. Got it. Thanks.


I’m curious about this too. The petitions site is used to qualify items for a ballot so to speak. This ballot will then to voted on in a general election as I understand it. But I’m not clear on how this vote will be held.

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That’s because we’re still in the process of working it out :slight_smile:

@BlueSkyPhoenix is heading that up - I suspect we’ll have more details at our next committee meeting, which I think is this Tuesday.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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