How to localize ClassicPress

As written few days ago on Internationalisation of ClassicPress we are working on replicate with a minimal solution a working internationalisation for ClassicPress like WordPress.
And is not easy at all.

At you can see the status of the 11 locales that we want to focus.
Why only 11? Check the other discussion because I explained everything from the decision to workflow.

Today I imported the localization files taken from WP for this languages and right now for 1.0.0 we have 55~ new strings but based on the various rules that every team has in WordPress about localization this can change.

How to localize
We don’t have now the resources to do our translation rules for every locale like WP, so we will follow the various rule that every language community as on
For who doesn’t know when there is a localization task is not enough to localize but also follow rules like for the sake of consistency or organization. I explained this with a research made years ago in WP, check the video at
Basically you don’t want that a specific term change the localization from a release to another or a term is localized in a different way in the same tool but is referring to the same thing. This is a problem when you have 52000~ plugins localized in over 100~ locales.
Also locale is not a language because you probably know that languages are different from a country to another or inside the same country and for that reason the real term to use is not language but locale. Take the example of en-us with en-uk or en-ca and so on or the spanish in the South America.

What tool to use
We are using GlotPress that is a WP plugin used in to ship the languages files for core, plugin and themes.
The instance is avalaible at
The UI is not the same of because we don’t have any resources to work on that right now, also as feature like for locale reviewers.
GP out the box doesn’t have reviewers for locales but only global for all of them. implemented their plugins and infrastrcture for it that we don’t have yet.

Who will review the localizations?
I am Italian (mamma mia!) and I cannot review localization for example of japanese and also in the founding team we don’t have no that speak that language.
So our idea is to select 11 reviewers, one for every locale that will have this permission that as founding committee thrust.
The ideal plan is to have reviewers that are not part of the committee to be more inclusive and open and at the same time delegate better the various tasks.
We have already got it candides for Polish, Dutch, German, Italian but we need for all the others.
So just write here if you are interested to cover that task also for this locales (Turkish, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, French (France), Japanese, English (UK)) and we will let you know.

When everything will start?
Ideally for the official release 1.0.0 we need to cover this locales at 100%. Also if the workflow is working and in the meantime we improve the GP permission system we will add new locales.
Yes we want to cover most as we can for the core but we are starting and we cannot focus in all of them right now while we are defining the infrastructure.

Also I invite everyone interested to join the #i18n channel on Slack where you can get the latest updates!


Hi! sometimes i contribute to wp for pt-PT, so i would like to do the same here.

I just did a couple of missing translations from 4.9.8 to 4.9.9, and its now at 100%.
i can just grab them for cp.


That would be great :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I’ve looked, but contributing to WordPress translations works via a account, right?

We’re not quite ready to set up accounts on yet. In the meantime, others have proposed editing .po files directly, or you could also just drop your translated strings in the #i18n channel in Slack. Please be sure to include the original English string and the translated language with your message, and one of us will verify and enter it.

So still I don’t know where to download .po files there it only opens as glotproject.

“You have to log in to add a translation.” So non logged user can’t edit.

For me - the best structure is to have all ( and only) pl_PL files in one catalog just for download. And the same for every language. That’s more easy to handle from the point of usability of single translator.

What I suggest is to make just structure somewhere at server divided to language sections.

Language section of only 1 language contains subfolders of projects (each with only one .po) and that’s easiest to download for translator. Then can send it by slack to mods, no problem.

Still hold my stand - download original file and create it fully “myself” as translate is the only one proffesional solution for translating.

Translator then can work some ClassicPress installation with this .po and match visible effect at frontend. Those who worked a lot with translations may know what I mean about.
If you are just translate phrase to phrase without project preview, can miss point sometimes.
There are cases translator must shorten translated phrase because of output fieldsize etc.

Also .po file contain phrase createdby and this credit is for translator, not glotpress.

For sure we talk about - one person create one translation- as author. This is most effective method.
Eventually - as many authors, so many unique translation files and then rating can show which translation is the best. Otherwise there’s mess like wikipedia.

It is possible to download po files from the bottom of the page of the language but to upload them you need to be logged with permission. Anyway we didn’t started yet on localizing as written because we are defining who will manage very locale.

We are defining the best solution for permissions (we need to implement something software side) because I am against on using the manual solution with po files instead using glotpress.
We have a tool that has validators, permission and many others stuff that po files doesn’t have.

Anything new about this topic? How can I contribute?

As written you can contribute letting us know what language you can help :slight_smile:

I can help with German and a Localization for Swiss German.


I can help with German, too, as well as with English (UK).
Also I already have been translating quite a lot of stuff using eg. PoEdit (although there are better tools, eg. GTranslator).

cu, w0lf.


BTW: There is a mistake in the original language string of this:[original_id]=6246

There are two closing a tags, but just ONE opening tag.

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