How to save a translation plugin

Here I am translating into Croatian some important items of the classic commerce plugin
But now I’m interested in how to prevent all my efforts from going down the drain with the new plugin update

First of all, thanks for contributing.

To answer your question: I think you could submit your translated file here with a PR so that it could be merged in the plugin when the next update is made.

Now I’m not translating the entire supplement, but only the more important items for, for example, a customer who doesn’t speak English very well
Immediately after installation, Woocommerc automatically switched to the Croatian language, which is not the case with Classic commerce
For themes it has for example, the child-theme-configurator plugin. is there such a thing for the plugin as well

woo changes to Croatian because the full Croatian translation is included in it. CC does not have it and so it cannot for now do this.

I suspect that the team developing CP could backport the localization files for all languages and align the strings that are different with CC. This implies however bringing in a lot of strings related to block editor stuff and removing them before aligning what’s missing/different. Such an endeavor requires a bigger team with a localization division such as woo has.

Since the team is small, it’s better as of now to have even small contributions submitted via a PR by people who are using the plugin and know what is important (or has to be translated first) and implement them in CC updates. This not only makes contributors like you visible to the whole community but encourages involvement by other people who might feel shy and refrain from submitting their contributions.

IMHO it does not matter what you have is just a partial of the strings needed, someone else can pick up the work and add to it. If everyone submits even a few of the strings very soon the translation is going to be complete.

When WP started, once upon a time, translation were not available. I remember finding pieces of them in Italian forums and installing them manually in my very first self-hosted blogs.

People were trying to translate what they could and were able to share it. At a certain point they started to team up and in the end WP was able to have a localization infrastructure thanks to this.

CP as of now is a little community, born on top of a very huge ecosystem. We do not have a localization infrastructure with the number of translators WP has, but the small number of people we do have is contributing their time to make CP better. That is why I feel grateful to be in this community, everyone makes it better in their own way.

For now, I’m working on the translation of what the customers see and I’ve processed a good part of it
And a little admin interface

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I think that this is a very good start, I understood you were focusing on the front-end part first because usually it’s the most important piece that need to be translated first to make the plugin fit for a locale.

Thanks for this contribution. It really matters to the whole community.