How to set a clear path for contributing, in order to ease the task to those willing to

Putting this there, if it belongs somewhere else please do move it.
I am starting this thread to discuss a clear path for contributors, something to explain how and where decisions are vetted/discussed and also how to take properly action on them.
This to ease the way for potential contributors that may be scared at first, and to set a clear standard for everyone.
I am tagging @omukiguy that arouse this valuable discussion in the first place, @james, @Mte90, @invisnet and @wadestriebel as community lead.


This is something I believe we need to do a better job at outlining.

I know for the Core Team anyone who is interested in getting involved should be looking at the GitHub issues that are open.

For the Community Team, I had outlined some tasks but hadn’t spent time updating it because no one had got involved.

In any regard, I had thought the best course of action was to use the forums as a a checklist and main point of “here is what needs to be done, and who is assigned what”.

Happy to continue this discussion, I am pinging @Team-Leads so they can give their input too.


We are working on some better guidelines for contributing to ClassicPress core. Work in progress:


Thanks for chiming in.
What I feel is a lack of uniformity, and a unique place to serve as entry level where people first learn desired workflow, then are directed to take action.

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