How to use GitHub Desktop and XAMPP to review PRs

Originally published at: How to use GitHub Desktop and XAMPP to review PRs | ClassicPress

In previous GitHub Desktop tutorials we showed you how to submit a pull request (PR), so you could start contributing to the development of an open-source project such as ClassicPress. Once you are comfortable with this concept, the next stage in contributing is to start testing and reviewing other PRs that have been submitted. An…


Great post that explains a key step of the contributing workflow well. Thank you for writing it!

The same setup (cloning a local copy of the ClassicPress git repository, and making this the same directory that is served by your webserver) also works well for coding, testing and publishing your own changes to ClassicPress.

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Is it wrong to set the root of XAMPP (or MAMP I’m using) to src?

I didn’t find it necessary, but it may still work. I didn’t test that.

It’s fine to set the root to src, but you may not want to, because this might make it harder to use other websites (in different subdirectories) with the same XAMPP install.