How to vote in the petitions forum?

I would like to participate in ClassicPress, and have been looking around but did not find an explanation about how the voting system works and how I can become a “Voting Member” defined in the Democracy page.

Could you please help me with that? Thank you.


@wadestriebel can shed some light on voting process. Petitions were recently moved to the forum, so the voting part might still be in progress.


Great question, that I don’t think we have ever been super clear on.

A “Voting Member” is anyone with a forum account, and the voting system we are using for the time being is just likes on the posts in the #governance:petitions category. We will add the likes with the votes that were cast on Fider prior to the migration.

I will see if I have some time to revamp the Democracy page to be more clear, and maybe outline thoughts for the future.


Welcome @alvarofranz and thanks for asking.

Yes this has been a to-do item for a little while now. Some more differences from the Democracy page are discussed here: ClassicPress governance proposal


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