Http error uploading large files

Hi there having some issues with current version of classicpress, when uploading anything over about 300 megabytes the site throws a http error for multiple users on multiple web browsers, with help from my hosting provider we have extended the obvious, max execution time, post mem, post size, disabled plugins ect ect, is there anything in classicpress core that could be the cause of this issue?

Anything i have not tried?

You haven’t mentioned increasing the maximum file upload size. Has your host done that?

Yup, we done that too, however i did forget to mention they moved the site to a different server, that was when the problems started to become persistent when uploading anything over 300mb.

All the apache/cpanel settings were reset and we had to re edit the htaccess and php.ini files.

Worse case scenario i got to do a total re install and re upload, for the sake of me sanity im just wondering if there is anything between classicpress and the server that is causing the uploder to fail in this manner, any historic cases and fixes like this.

ClassicPress doesn’t limit file upload size. Unless there is a corrupt file causing a problem after migration, the core itself shouldn’t block uploads at all.

Since the issue started happening when you moved to a new server, it’s very likely something on the server that’s causing the problem.

What type of files are you uploading? Are these image files or PDF, ZIP, etc.

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In my experience, as a webhost, it’s the host causing the issue :wink: What control panel are they using? Does that allow file-uploads? Test if that allows > 300 mb files. I’m almost certain that won’t allow it either.
Do you have a host running several PHP-versions? Perhaps they didn’t change the settings in te correct PHP-version ini-file.

It might also help turning on the error reporting or have a look at your error logs in the host’s panel (I assume the offer access to them).

Fixed, it was one of the pointless security program’s in the cpannel having a quite freekout, how and why it happened i dont know.

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