I finally feel confident in ClassicPress

I have only shortly been at the forum, but as I see the professionalism, enthusiasm and welcoming nature of the people here, my faith in this product keeps growing. I first heard of ClassicPress a whole while back, and was skeptical at first. But now that I have been working with the BETA and hung around on the forums, I really started to love it.

You guys have me convinced, now wish me luck as I go convince my higher-ups that ClassicPress is the way to go (at the very least for our legacy sites) once the Release Version gets launched. But even if they won’t agree, I will at least use it for the sites I run personally.

My big thanks to @scott for putting this all in motion. And the whole team for making it a reality.


We are glad to hear, and appreciate the kind words. It helps to confirm what we are doing is worth it :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words - great to have you here and part of “family” (hope that doesn’t make us sound like a mafia…)


I share your sentiments. I would take it a step further and suggest that we all need to put our full weight behind CP to continue to build it to the point where it really needs to be so it can continue into the future as a viable and strong alternate CMS.

I use CP for all my older client sites and my current roster of live sites. I have to, to be frank. I don’t know what Gutenberg would do to them and can’t risk angering what clients I do have. The


Well, you are making me an offer I can’t refuse haha.