I think that CP needs a bit of advertising

WP forum moderators can ban posts but they can’t ban those who want to contact and inform other members of this forum through their accounts where most of these members give in their profile links towards their personal or business websites.
I already contacted by mail some of the members who own agencies in the style " I couldn’t reply on your post in WP forum so I send you an email to tell you that I migrated to CP etc etc".
I 've sent these emails from my website’s email account with full name etc, so no one can accuse me for spamming. Just informing.
I left also some links on the related with Gutenberg editor videos on YT.

I did so because I was after all also one of those who were able to find CP because it was mentioned on someone else’s online comment on an article or something ( I hardly remember).

I think that most of you can do the same. I mean leave “traces” everywhere or contact with pm or email directly the most frustrated with the new WP editor ones.

There is no need to send thousand emails and try to figure out how to overpass spam filters because at the end of the day the concept isn’t to spam people. The concept is to inform them that there is an alternative cms and not just a stupid plugin that has already began to be incompatible as the WP core updates are going on.

I bet that most of you are members on other unrelated with WP sites, forums etc. Add a link or mention CP at your accounts. It not that difficult and no one is going to ban you if you mention CP on unrelated with WP. org websites.

I think that I’ll dedicate a blog post on my website on this matter. No one is going to delete it there of ban me for mentioning it. At the end of the day my website is mine… my castle my rules…that is how it goes. :wink:

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Ok… one of the people that I contacted by email replied to me. He didn’t have a clue that CP existed and he was looking for an alternative similar to wordpress without a page builder editor.
He said that he will check CP out as he runs an agency and has to manage hundreds of websites ( as far as I was able to understand).


Private contact, or talking about CP on social media and other platforms is ok. Linking to our blog in wp account also (if blog mentions CP) may be relevant. However generally speaking nobody IMHO looks at wp.org accounts when interacting with other users. I know I seldom inspect people’s profiles, and I am an average web user.
I don’t agree so much with writing to agencies directly, I think this may be considered as “unwanted info”. Moreover very often the decision to change CMS may lead to internal costs, that meaning the decision is handled by higher-ups, not by devs. Higher-ups are not easy to reach, they have very limited time. Being CP at the initial steps, they may decide that “it’s not worth”, and this first opinion may lead to them never adopting CP.
That said, speaking about CP in environments like dev communities, portals like quora and social media, even if this kind of campaign is targeted on large numbers and not built ad personam, IMHO may lead in the long run to surprising results.

Okay, good approach but using your website email feels unprofessional in this situation.

What if others try using their own website email, it’s gonna end up being duplicate and spamming.

It’s preferable to have a list of people/agency you wanna contact, and a single professional e-mail address. That way, it’s gonna be super easy, and smooth (even if done manually).

Edit: There is nothing wrong with sending mail to upset WordPress users, they would be super happy to port as long as things are compatible.

Edit 2: No one is over passing spam filters, it’s just a tool that would change the name, and subjects of your email automatically, you can also change the feel of the message base on how the user reacted on WordPress. It’s not a spam bot! It’s even better if done manually (Just takes time).

This is just my opinion please, come up with a better idea if it sound stupid, we are all here to build a better community.

I’ve sent an email to a guy that they had locked his review on WP forum . And I told him the truth. That I migrated my website on CP too because WP with Gutenberg spoiled my website’s layout and it was difficult to use.
If he took it as a spam I bet that he wouldn’t reply to me to thank me for informing him. At the end of the day that is the concept . To inform other people that encountered similar problems with WP that there is an alternative fork that can migrate instead of rely on half solution with the classic editor plugin.

I gave him the information. It is up to him to check it out and use it if he likes it or needs it.
But generally speaking the problem is not how many people will contact personally to inform about CP. It is that there isn’t enough information on the web in order for people to know that there is an alternative.
People simply don’t know it because if they knew it they wouldn’t be 5million + downloads of the classic editor plugin.

Getting a WP fork that is actually a tiny donwgrade from the current WP version is in my opinion a better and more clean solution than running yet another plugin that disables a faulty and problematic editor that runs in the core of the cms.

I don’t have any reason to change the name or the subject of my emails. And I don’t have any particular reason to send a trillion emails to unrelated people that I haven’t read at all their opinion on the matter. I send emails to people that are now same frustrated as I was back before migrating to CP to inform them that this thing exists.
There is nothing wrong on helping people get rid of their troubles.
If all of the people who use CP talked a bit more about it to their friends or at the online communities that are members, or bothered to send a couple of emails then more people would knew it.

And I don’t have any particular reason to send a trillion emails to unrelated people that I haven’t read at all their opinion on the matter.

It seems you aren’t reading properly, who said you should send mails to trillion people, I said :

We target Agencies, giving bad reviews (and was probably looking for an alternative). By the way I suggested that option, and please take things lightly with yourself.

I would probably mark you as spam, if you send that kind of email to me!

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The thing is, if you amicably contact a private person this is one on one convo. When contacting agencies, you aren’t speaking with a “person” but with an entity making economic and financial decisions. They may react friendly, but they may not also. And they may think yours is an official communication from CP. They may not know you are a volunteering contributor. Again, I think personal communication aimed to directly to companies is not asvisable, nor desiderable. If every contributor sends mails out the message will be passed in a not consistent way. We have a team handling official posts for that reason. That is why, I think volunteers should not target COMPANIES. Also in friendly informing people they should mention the unofficial character of the communication, clearly showing it’s a personal initiative.

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I get spam all the time from companies and people who put their name on it. That doesn’t mean it’s not spam. Unsolicited emails are spam, no matter how informative.

You are certainly free to do as you like, but, to me, sending spam emails is a bad approach. I’ve only commented because some of the activities you recommended will get users banned at WordPress.org.

I would definitely mark it as spam if I received an email like this. It would be the same if Apple sent me an email because Windows sucks… .right into the spam bin it goes.


I suggested that approach, and I didn’t even implemented it because things aren’t done that way.

As a member of this community I have no right to say do this, and you must do that, it’s all about this is what we should do, and shouldn’t do, then the board or the community leaders decides on what is best for the community.

All I was really saying is to target people that is searching for an alternative (If I run an agency, I am gonna be happy their is an alternative that doesn’t have Gutenberg included).

Another point to note - People aren’t switching because Gutenberg breaks their website (It’s not that hard to make things compatible), they are switching because WordPress made it mandatory without listening to the community.

I switched because I hate stress, I just want to write, and I hate enforcement.

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  1. I’ve mentioned CP on .org forums, actually. That post and my review are still there. Maybe because it wasn’t noticed among all other text. Maybe it passed for some other reason. Don’t know.

  2. Intentional mass mentioinig in public that way is a controversial strategy. This will look like direct attack (and actually it will be a direct attack). This is too straight to my mind.

This is not true. I have mentioned ClassicPress a few times in replies to forum topics. One of the early ones remained. One of the later ones was deleted. My account is not banned.
The moderation is for spam first and only a little about content. If you @mention someone, an email is sent and that is considered spam. If you are rude or abusive or self-promoting, that is not allowed and is removed, with a note to the author. If it is not about WordPress support, it is removed.
So you can see that the WP forums are not a place to promote CP.

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Actually, it is. Consider the meaning of and/or.

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Not every post is read either, although they try, and Akismet is used.

Yes this happens when the emails that were sent are not personal.
I’ve sent personal emails. The email that I’ve sent to the guy that replied to me had the tittle “About your review on WP Gutenberg editor on wordpress forum” and I addressed him also with his name that was given on the contact information of his website. ( which is IMO a more polite way to address people) I read his review, I couldn’t reply to him because his review’s discussion was locked and I contacted him at his email personally.

Spam emails are those that are pushing information without being addressing them personally.

I wouldn’t consider as spam an email from an unknown person who would like to contact me personally to inform me on something that I was asking in a public discussion. This is not spamming . Is getting in contact with other people.
Especially by the time that these people have already publish their contact information and their real names to encourage other people to do so. :slight_smile:


In any case sending a few emails to people who are asking for alternatives or posting a few links and mention CP on communities that we are regularly visiting or replying to comments wouldn’t harm anyone.
The more information is out there for CP the easier will be for people to find it and try it.
I would recomment to start posting links and reply on social media and youtube comments.
I did that earlier. I found a guy who was asking for a WP alternative on youtube comments and I replied to him that I switched to Classic Press.
No links not other information. If he is still interested he will check it out. Simple as that.

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Quite a few of us do this religiously. You should stop by and like/follow. I post TONS of ClassicPress content. :slight_smile:


Exactly, just because some ain’t saying doesn’t mean they don’t do.


By the way, we once had a similar discussion here. And I still think we should try monitoring Stackoverflow.

There was just 1 topic with “ClassicPress” key phrase, but there are tons of WP-related content. So I think the most simple and ethic thing that we can do right now (without any risks, wars or additional improvements) is to write some nice answers there, mentioning CP in a context.

Related keyphrases are “Classic Editor”, “Gutenberg”, but we can also search for our roadmap features and even just answer any Wordpress questions in a style of “Here is the solution. I’ve tested it on ClassicPress, but it will certainly work in WP as well…”. This allows to legally post internal links showing CP from different point of views.

Well, I’d better go and start) For example.

The only problem is that my English can spoil the whole impression)) So any help is appreciated.


This is what we call - “Think Out-of-The-Box” Your English is totally fine man!