Icons for CP 0.1.0 released

Icons for CP

This plugin allows to use SVG icons in post and pages. Just use the “Icons” menu in “Appearance” menu. Add your own icons or any from FontAwesome to the theme. Put the name of the icon as the title (use something like my-brand-icon) and the SVG as the post. Then use a shortcode (or a menu in MCE) to insert icons.


Initally it was an utility plugin to add more icons to Canuck CP (thanks @kevinhaig for adding filter to do this) and to use plugin’s icons in posts. Now it is independent from the theme but when used with Canuck CP your own icons are seen by the theme (you can use them in many section) and theme’s icons are added by default to yours.


Download Icons for CP


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And I thought my iconography plugin would be the first one out. :slight_smile: Ah well, it’s great to have options!


I like very much the name!

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Thankyou Simone, very cool :slight_smile:

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