iControl WP working fine

I have now installed iControl WP (for managing plugins, themes, etc.) on all my three sites on which I am already using CP (beside those still on WP).

I am glad to report that everything has worked fine - iControl WP as well as the WordpDrive backups.

Since the installation also allows for enabling Shield Security as the same time, it seems to offer a quite comprehensive solution for a variety of functions. And other discussions on this forum have shown that there is definitely an intent to support CP.


I have used today iControl WP main management panel for updating plugins on my three CP sites (beside the WP sites). iControl WP correctly indicated which updated were waiting, and allowed me to update them without accessing my individual websites’ panel.

Very pleased if it continues on that path. And it is great to be thus able to manage both CP and WP sites from the same panel (well, in the long-run, probably there will only be CP sites left… but for the time being…).

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For anyone reading this and hoping for continued iControl support for ClassicPress, please contact the developers: https://www.classicpress.net/faqs/#is-there-a-sample-email-we-can-send-to-plugin-developers-to-ask-for-classicpress-compatibility

As always, we’ll do our part to keep compatibility, but official support from plugin authors is important too.

Developer is already here: @Paul

Edit: just realized this is from last year :joy: