Idea: who is doing what?

Hi all,

in the Slack it’s very difficult to keep track of who is doing what. I can also imagine it being useful for people to be able to have some idea about what kinds of actions / projects are currently running. Basically, a continuously updating topic or list of who is doing what (and perhaps also what is required to make progress).

What do you guys think? How can we cooperate most efficiently now we have the forum as well?

Happy to hear your thoughts!


This may work best if someone is actively watching the various streams of activities and compiling a sort of newsletter.

I can also summarize & post core development activity pretty easily, since it all happens in the open, on GitHub. I would just need to know where to post it.

I am not sure how to best implement this (one that is useful but also not time consuming for team leads), although I agree it is important.

One option is to have a development category on the forum with subcategories for each of the teams where team leaders can post updates.

I think this will work best if it’s one update for all teams. Right now I don’t think we could realistically expect each team lead to do their own updates.

So I like the idea, but we need a volunteer to put it together.

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I suppose ‘not time consuming’ basically means broad strokes.

Per team roughly what needs to be done, in what sequence, and who is going to take it. I know @scott uses Trello for marketing, which is okay-ish. Still for me I don’t feel I have any idea what is happening.

I think if we leave this to a per-team task then it will not be very useful. Someone needs to coordinate this by keeping up with conversations and checking in with team leads.

I can provide updates for core development, but I cannot take on the coordination of project-wide updates.

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True, I meant more in the sense of a central coordinator talking to team leads, instead of having all individuals submit.

I don’t have an immediate solution here, but I agree this is a good way forward

I think this is something we should get started sooner rather than later. Just not sure who has time to coordinate with all the team leads.

Yep, we are waiting for a volunteer here.

As solution in the meantime I think that the lead of a team can do this kind of wrap up, also on slack as example to gather more people and maybe find a “note taker”.
Maybe we can do a category for this kind of updates from all the teams.


I would be happy to do more if I could; so it’d be a matter of finding the right fit but I believe in the mission and work being done. Wish I could build more sites for you guys or something. I’ll certainly advocate for ClassicPress through my new Meetup group and plan to create more after the holidays. Beyond that, not really sure what I can do.

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Moving discussion here: Encourage development of an official ClassicPress Secretary

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