If I am to go "all in" with CP, I need this

I’m not having any problems either. Maybe a plugin conflict?

No, my account doesn’t allow staging. My site is here; I can update Elementor to 2.4.3 for a bit so you can see.

A little testing just now revealed that Autoptomize is conflicting somehow. Now to narrow down how…

Found it! I had to exclude Elementor from Javascript optimization in Autoptomize.


Great. Good to know it was just a plugin conflict. :cold_sweat:

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Yes, it seemed you had a conflict. I have had problems with Autoptomize myself that broke things.

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@NyssaTheHobbit Glad you sorted it.
If someone needs to check if the problem is in Autoptimize they have a flag that will let you turn off the plugin only in that request. This way it’s easy to see if the problem is related to the Autoptimize settings.

Just add this to the url

It will look like: www.yoursite.com/?ao_noptimize=1

If the url already has parameterers it should look like this: www.yoursite.com/?param1=aaa&ao_noptimize=1

Hope it helps.


Regarding the Autoptimize issue noted above: it was a configuration error, rather than a bug. I’ve tested it pretty extensively, and it works as expected.


Why have Classic Editor plugin on 4.9.9 ??

If they do update by accident (which can happen easily) surely no actual harm is done to the site and they can at that time install the Classic plugin or (better ) revert back to 4.9.9

In my opinion the problem is what is done after updating to WP5.0 and before realizing that their old editor is gone.

A simple example, they try to edit a post or page and if they hit the save button that content can disappear.

So as a preventing measure is good to have Classic Editor active.

Remember that many updates can be done automatically without the final user know about it,