Inactive plugins that keep on updating

I assume that you said that as a joke or something.
Who has that much time and is so advanced on reading code to do this for each and every plugin that installs in a website. Not to mention that some of the plugins are huge - they have thousands of code lines.
But now I’m scared…

And how do I know that this is a plugin that does what it says and it is not a plugin that - let’s say- spies me?? :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you send to my email the code ( with commentary on which line does what thing) to check it out before installing it?? LOL

Joking aside, that is the reason why I strongly believe that less is more.
I have 9 active plugins, 5 inactive that occasionally use, 23 pages that update whenever is needed and a small blog and that’s all.

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What @james said is the actual truth.

Some do make time for it. It’s an absolute requirement in some cases where the site is mission-critical to the business. In those cases, plugins often can’t even be updated until the update is vetted.

No need to be scared. Things are working the same as they always have. The only difference is that now you know more about how it actually works. Nothing has fundamentally changed except your understanding. :wink:

As previously mentioned, you would have to read and understand the code or rely on the “many eyes” factor.

Now, that is a true LOL!


This is the way we manage the sites (along with many other security measures).


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