Incorporate Avatar Privacy into core

Avatar Privacy is a Wordpress plugin:

It is released under GPLv2 so there is no reason why it can’t be copied into ClassicPress core. It solves two privacy issues (1.) enables opt-in for using Gravatars when commenting and (2.) it caches the Gravatar images locally preventing visitor information from being shared with Automattic, with default images also stored and served locally.

Read-only archive:

Author: Aractus

Vote count: 6

Status: open


This definitely needs to happen. Both for user privacy, and because the WP plugin now requires version 5.2+ (I’m on a stale version).

You can try AzureCurve’s Avatars plugin.

I don’t think it has the required functionality:

Admin setting allows only use of local avatars; prevents use of Gravatars; if user doesn’t upload their own avatar, a local default is used instead.

There’s no mention of proxying Gravatars being an option.

We will not be incorporating any additional features related to Gravatars. For privacy, there’s a PR that disables Gravatars by default.

There’s also the possibility of moving Gravatars to a core plugin:

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