InCorrect update to 1.0.1 message

I have gotten email from CP telling me that “ClassicPress 1.0.1 is available. Please update!” but the site it references is updated to 1.0.1.


@clifgraves that is weird, do you have any logs you can share?

I do vaguely remember having something similar happen to me, but I just put it down to my server acting up.

@james is probably the best person to ask, I have pinged him so when he gets online he can maybe be more help than me :slight_smile:

Not really - Looking at the email I see this
X-SG-Opt: SCRIPT_FILENAME=/home/norths99/public_html/wp-admin/update-core.php REQUEST_URI=/wp-admin/update-core.php

It is also notable that I am running three CP sites and only one is doing this. It may be triggered by my going in as admin and looking at the update page. (stretch but it happened again right after I had been in the site)

I have not seen this before. Are you getting the message more than once for this site?

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Yes I was happening multiple times from the same site. I may have found the answer. Looking at the site I realized that I had left “Easy Update Manager” plugin activated. I had installed it to try to deal with SiteGround reinstalling WP5. That issue has been resolved but I forgot to turn off the plugin (not that it had helped anyway). I deactivated “Easy Update Manager” and have not received any more errant update messages since.


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