Installatron response

Haven’t had time to sit down and look at this yet.

Is this an email thread? If so, probably the easiest way is to include me on it -

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There’s no email thread unfortunately. I created a support ticket. I’ll pm you the details.


Another quick update from Installatron:

Lean and clean installs and upgrades would be music to our ears.

Plus I just thought of another thing that Installatron’s end-users (and administrators) like: language support. And not all apps make that easy to do from installation.

So if all we need to do is ask the user what language they’d like it to be installed in and then add a "language" => "fr" POST parameter to a fetch call somewhere then that would be perfect as well.


More news re Installatron.

@james and I have been working with Installatron over the past 2 or 3 weeks to finalise the installation script for ClassicPress. And, we’re very nearly there now.

I think we can expect to see ClassicPress in the Installatron apps within the next week or so. Here’s a sneak peek :slightly_smiling_face::


Fantastic work Tim. That will be a huge step forward in promoting uptake. Really impressed with that achievement. Well done to you and James. :clap:


You know we’re on a winner when that happens.


I agree with @Aussie on the “don’t say cat till you’ve caught it”.
I also think that when people like Softaculous are going to that see installation made the early bird with ClassicPress they are going to “at least” keep an eye out to see what happens and maybe they are going to think about having their own installation script.
Don’t forget that if you are there, you are in the same shop as WP. I mean, ClassicPress install icon will be near WP’s install icon on a shelf. In front of everybody. Plus CP is “new” so it gives the idea of “more recent and advanced tech”.


That’s not what I meant. I mean you know what we’re doing is working when people like Installatron are going to add us.


It’s taken 6 months of to-ing and fro-ing but we got there in the end. Persistence is key. But to be fair to Installatron, they have been very helpful.

There’s just one little niggle to sort out and then it can go live. The little niggle is simply that the default tagline in the installer is set to “Just another ClassicPress site” instead of " Another great website powered by ClassicPress".

And yes…Softaculous next :grinning:


I don’t generally use installers, and none of my current servers use installatron, but it good to see and certainly helps raise the profile of ClassicPress.
And I agree with the tagline change. I don’t like the “Just a” tagline whether for a website or people applying it to themselves, “I’m just a …” Be what you are and be proud of it.


Way to go, @1stepforward and @james… bravo!


This is joyous news indeed! Thanks for your ambassadorial work. This surely is @1stepforward :wink:


This is a huge effort, and at least 90% was done by @1stepforward, I just answered a few questions :slight_smile:

Thank you again for pushing on this!


Please let us know when this is finalized… my Tweet finger is getting itchy. :smiley:


Just be aware that cPanel will need to update Installatron before it appears as an option, and I’m not sure how often that happens or whether it rolls out differently for different hosts.

Wouldn’t want you to do a premature tweet. :grin:

[…and speaking of itchy fingers, I am itching to try that new Update Manager. :wink: ]


You know how to poop a party don’t you? :rofl:

Installatron updates are usually done nightly via cron and anyone running WHM can update Installatron manually at any time.

Also, Installatron isn’t just a cPanel thing. It also works with DirectAdmin, Plesk and Virtualmin…so between the four of them, we should see it coming to a hosting company near you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just to keep you posted. There is a slight delay in adding ClassicPress to the Installatron catalog.

Changing the tagline from “Just another ClassicPress site” to “Another great website powered by ClassicPress” was not quite as straightforward as first thought. Installatron discovered a bug which prevented the tagline from being changed.

The bug has now been fixed and the CP install script is now awaiting internal approval which I’m told should take approx. 4 days.

So, within the next week or so… :grinning:


We have good news.

It’s there. We’re finally live in Installatron v9.1.48-3.

I’ve asked them to change the category label from “blog” to “cms” but that’s a minor issue.

One down…


That is great to see, thank you for all your hard work getting that on there :slightly_smiling_face:

@klein, it may be worth a blog post if you are looking for some content :sunglasses:


yes, indeed