Is Gutenberg dead?

Here’s hoping WP 5.0 is delayed until January 2025.

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I read that article, too, Dick. As much as I wish Gutenberg could be developed according to more standardized software development norms (incremental changes, accessibility addressed, backward compatibility established), that’s not the case and it’s only being delayed by a few weeks to another month or so depending on holiday schedules. At the end of the day, Mullenweig’s clearly set the main goal for WP being that WP must become more like, become more competitive with Wix asap, and if that means alienating users / developers or breaking some sites, he seems okay with that. Obviously, I’m not speaking for anyone but myself here and this is only my person opinion based on what I’ve read elsewhere.

What got my attention in that article was the he was perfectly happy shipping a WP 5.0 with Gutenberg that had known bugs and security holes, and that if developers had not pushed back, he would have allowed it to be released on Thanksgiving Day. To me, that illustrates the mindset behind the changes.


I think what would inevitably bring on the demise of Matt’ Folly is a massive migration of longstanding devotees of WP over to CP. I will personally do anything possible to make that a reality


One big thing you can do right now is reach out to the creators of the plugins youre using and let them know that you’re switching to ClassicPress.

You might also want to ask if they will be supporting it (and if they say no, to try and explain why they should!)


Done. I’m also asking All In One SEO Pack, (I think I already asked them to be honest as well as mentioned to to Gravity Forms). I can also ask a rhetorical question to Divi support just to let them know ClassicPress is out there and being used.


We are happy to make sure ClassicPress works with as many plugins as we can.

I also agree with Scott that it is really important for ClassicPress users to contact plugin and theme authors and let them know about any issues, as well as just letting them know that you’re using ClassicPress with their software.


Got a tickler file going today to post in each plugin’s support forum requesting support for ClassicPress. Have seen a few others already :slight_smile: Will be ready to follow up if they reply.

Doing that with All In One SEO Pack, Gravity Forms, and on Divi forums.

A “tickler” file? I’ve heard of those but not seen one in action yet…

:smiley: you have now!
Really not one “tickler file”, but that was a kind of a shortcut for The Walker System. After many years of trying many different online and offline tools to manage my too-many todo lists and jobs (and the wish-i-had-more-time ideas) i’m back with good ol’ text files, file-naming patterns, bash, sort, and grep.

Most definitely in action, and keeps me mildly sane.

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All in one would be the last SEO plugin I would integrate. What atm is the plan for SEO plugins?

Well, I doubt Yoast’s will work for much longer since he’s actively going after WP with everything he’s got.

Good his plugin has so much dis and ministration in it all we need is his SERP measuring which Im sure he got from else where and the XML generation. I still think all this can be made part of core.

Also can we not just rename the plugin and take the PHP we need etc. Or how does that work? So far its working fine 99% of what it does is smoke and mirrors too or things you just dont need for SEO.

If it’s GPL and open source, I don’t see why not, we did it with WP. If you can take the plugin and spruce it up, more power to you.

The hard part of forking a large project is that you need to maintain it afterwards. There are also a lot of infrastructure pieces that need to be copied, like documentation, API servers, official websites and blogs, etc.

Of course.

I’m just responding to the other comment that he wants to do his thing with Yoast.

But again, I’m fine with individuals doing what they want to do. If somebody wants to fork Yoast, go for it. It has little, if anything immediate to do with CP.

As far as CP is concerned, I’m an advocate for more measured discourse, more deliberate and planned action, more consolidation of resources and building a foundation. When there’s interest in that, I hope to be part of that discussion.


Looks like the complaints are pouring in over on the support forum. So much for the idea that only a few developers hate Gberg and users will love it/find it easy to use…


I thought everything was going swell.


In the “end run”, I think we’ll see a clear majority of ALL types of folks protesting Matt’s Folly. SO nice to have a stable alternative with CP