Is Gutenberg dead?


Gutenberg (the plugin) has dropped to two stars. 1200:400 against.

Maybe the moderators who delete reviews are on holiday?


A whole 2 stars? I thought it was stuck at 1 star reviews. Those 5 star Automattic employee reviews must have trickled off after a while. I have not used Gutenberg yet simply because of the horrific reviews and all the jacked-up site reports and reports of counter-intuitive design; what would be the point? It’s either CP or Drupal for me or a combination of the two - and honestly maybe CP and Joomla. Can’t decide yet but for new client sites I would probably use CP or one of the others simply because Goober looks like a rushed “Hail Mary” attempt at going after Wix that I just can’t see it being where WP was with 4.9 for another 6 months or year or two. I wonder how many plugins in the actual WP repository currently work with ol’ Goober right now. What we see is probably the tip of the iceberg.


I’ll be spreading CP like wildfire to everyone I know and work with. I’ll also inquire with theme makers and plugin devs if they’ll be supporting this. The way things are going over at WP, they’d be silly not to hop onto the CP train.