Just Keep it simple

One of reasons I left WP is because it had become to bloted with mountains of code slowing everything down.

ClassicPress should very much take this into account and keep code to a minimum.

Html with a CMS for commerce but without all the addons would be a real benefit to many I am sure.

This is not an actionable petition really.

@woodworker - what is the goal pursued with it?
ClassicPress isn’t based on html and css.
It’s based on php mostly, and hasn’t any addons.
eCommerce would be added using something like classic commerce plugin and is not within the scope of the CMS itself

Indeed we do pursue a light CMS, however this is done by taking particular actions such as not adding (unnecessary) new bloat (which for example eCommerce would be if in core), and eventually removing some of the core features and putting them in so called “core plugins” (a plan that hasn’t yet really seen the light of day, but is certainly something we want to do in future)

Rest assured however that CP is lighter than WP, I’ve published a blog post about some of these differences here What’s better, ClassicPress or WordPress? A hands-on comparison. – TukuToi - it shows that there are some frappant differences in term of performance and size.
And we want to keep that :blush:


I think pretty much everyone working on ClassicPress agrees with this.

Still, this is an ongoing task, rather than a definite goal that we can achieve one day and say “it’s done”. So I think we can close this as “accepted”.



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