Large site with multi-author

I have a site with over 10,000 posts and multi-authors. How does migration to CP work in this case? How do all the authors get included, since in WP they are a part of Jetpack? I’m so tired of WP … I’ve already migrated five of my smaller sites, but they are single-author …

One solution to migrating with the Jetpack can be recreating the site with CP without jetpack and them importing into the new one the users/pages/posts. But this means you are going to lose all the indexing and so on I think.

Another way can be deactivating on the WP site the jetpack plugin and install a set of plugin compatible with CP to supply the same features, that way once you have migrated from using jetpack to using a collection of compatible plugins you can safely migrate to CP without losing indexing and so on.

@viktor is there any other way to go around Jetpack that I didn’t think of?

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What features in Jetpack are being used by authors?

I’m not aware of any issues on multi-author blogs that would cause any problems with migration. Authors are users in WP, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Ideally, you would want to test migration on a staging website to ensure everything works. If you can’t, make a backup of the website and disable Jetpack. See if everything works correctly, and then migrate to CP.

If you need help with the migration, feel free to write me privately. I can help you thanks to a lot of experience with the migration so that it goes smoothly across the stage, I also have some tools from my ClassicPress tools assortment so that nothing goes wrong.

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Thanks to all of your for your replies. I’m evaluating, will try some sort of test, perhaps such as Viktor suggested. After his reply, I recall seeing an extra account of mine, after the migration, as a CP user. Will check this out further.

I missed this. Only the user accounts, as far as I know. Since authors are users in the WP installment, as you said, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I set up a test site. How do I import the WP xml file into CP? Are authors/users not a part of that file? That’s where I am at the moment.

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You need the WP importer plugin.

Pay attention to one detail: the last version of it is not compatible with CP, and there is a version that the community is working on but I tested it and it does not work for me, so you will need to download the last known version working with CP that is the 0.7 version of the importer plugin that you find here and not our forked version that is not ready yet.

Just download the zip file and upload it in the plugin upload screen of CP, activate it then go to tools>import and upload the xml file through it.

Users/post/pages and the like are included in the xml so it should import everything into CP without any issues.

Well, I went with the direct migration via the plugin. Seems to be working fine. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I’ll probably have some more questions before it’s over. This is my sixth migration to CP and the largest by far.

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BTW, what’s the best way to delete the test installation? I did it with softaculous.

You can select it in softaculous and delete it. It’s going to delete only the one you select so you don’t have to worry having orphaned files hanging around or damaging something else.

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That was easy enough. Thank you.

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