Link not working on site update notice

When you update in the admin area it shows this notice:


The link is but it gives a 404.

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I don’t think we have ever had that link working to be honest. We definitely should, even if we just redirect to the release notes :slight_smile:

We should probably have something automatic though so it isn’t a pain to set up for every release.

Keep the text. Remove the link. Call it a day forever after. :wink:

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Alternatively, we can do what Discourse does and just link to the release notes category (rather than each individual release) :man_shrugging:


These links are fixed. The easiest way to fix it was to add a redirect to the correct version’s page on GitHub, since this link can be determined from the version number alone.

This would be the other automatic, easy option here. For now, each of these pages on GitHub will link to the release post in the forums, which I think is a bit better than just linking to the category index.